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    Naturally and organically grown cannabis and hemp

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    Significant extraction-purification expertise

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    100ha planted ready to scale up to 7000ha

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    We believe in the potential health benefits of cannabis and produce high-quality ingredients for the industry

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    We are committed to developing strong partnerships and a long-lasting positive impact

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    Adaptability, scalability, perpetual improvement

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EXMceuticals Inc. (“EXM”) is a company with a head office in Vancouver, British Columbia. EXM focuses on the sustainable cultivation of cannabis and hemp from multiple farms in Africa, from which it extracts and sells high-quality ingredients for both research and products for the health and wellness industry.

Crude oil is extracted from raw material in Africa, then refined and prepared for distribution in the European Union and North America from Portugal.

EXM’s fully operational R&D laboratory in Portugal develops cannabis-based products and also operates as a pilot-scale refinery for the transformation of cannabis-based ingredients.


Research Driven

Research-driven in cannabis extraction, distillation, purification and cannabinoid isolation with industry leading scientists


Ideal Conditions

Agricultural production in Africa is low cost, high volume, high quality with ideal tropical growing conditions all year round



Growing area of 75 hectares potential rapidly scaling to 100 hectares. Access to 7 000ha.



Focus on providing ingredients to the industry for research and health/wellness

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Investor information

EXMceuticals is focused on the sustainable cultivation of medicinal cannabis and the production of fully organic pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. We offer a secure supply chain to international markets, with the ability to accommodate rapid growth.

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How our work impacts local economies

In each African partner country EXMceuticals has licences in, we are committed to developing strong partnerships and a long-lasting positive impact on the community. That means we leverage the local market, buy and hire local; creates personal and training development opportunities locally.

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Research and Development

Portugal is our European base for research, development and distribution



Our operations are designed to ensure maximum yields

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Social Responsibility

Each of our plantations creates hundreds of long-term jobs for local labour

2% of the gross revenues from each of our plantations is allocated to projects that will improve living conditions and further the development of local communities. Projects include clean drinking water, education and sustainable production of food crops.

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