EXMceuticals is built on the foundation of a strong executive team, with professionals from complementary industries. Our science-based team delivers quality and innovation through research, discipline, and forward-thinking. We will deliver excellence, strive for continuous improvement and respond vigorously to change. Every one of us is responsible for the quality and safety of whatever we do. Meet some of the key members of EXMceuticals’ executive team:

  • Jonathan Summers

    CEO and Chairman of the board

    Mr Summers is a founding partner of a $500mn (USD) London based Investment fund. Before founding the Investment fund in 2015, Jonathan acted as a founder and senior executive in a major Hong Kong based asset management firm. Prior to that he was employed by Goldman Sachs for more than 15 years, in both London and Tokyo. His expertise in international business, acquaintance with multi-jurisdictional issues, and a management style based on best practices will contribute to further implement the Company’s global growth strategy.

  • Marc Bernier

    Board Member

    Mr. Bernier has over 20 years of experience in project development, project implementation, and market development. He has been the lead advisor to several sovereign entities to negotiate and obtain Moody’s and Fitch credit ratings, bond issuance for sovereign infrastructure projects and the creation of SPV’s to fund and operate sovereign-owned infrastructure companies. Over this time, Mr. Bernier acquired a wide range of experience in the development and operation of private, public and sovereign large-scale projects.

  • Michael Kinley

    Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Kinley, a former partner with KPMG, has been the President of Winslow Associates Management & Communications Inc.since 1993, a private consulting firm which provides professional services to junior public companies. Mr. Kinley is a Chartered Professional Account and has served as an officer and director for several public companies over the past thirty years

  • Paulo Martins

    Country Director Portugal

    Mr. Martins has over 20 years of experience working in management, project development and project implementation, besides law and compliance affairs. He is a corporate and business lawyer specialized in project management, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, licensing and companies general management. He was the company secretary of a Portuguese public listed company, with extensive experience working in large multinational Portuguese and foreign companies on the construction (metallic construction & civil construction), energy (Eolic, biofuels, solar), real estate, telecoms and signalling (railroads), defence, software and start-ups.

    He has a Degree in Law, with Postgraduate Studies in Law and Management, Securities Law, Territorial, Urban and Environmental Planning.

  • Julie Lemieux

    VP North American Operations

    Mrs. Lemieux has over 20 years of experience in business, assisting large and small corporations across Canada to attain new levels of success and implement sustainable organizational changes. She has facilitated the reorganization of operational processes to improve efficiency and align strategic priorities for major oil and gas companies, environmental and engineering firms, governments, indigenous groups and national organizations. Her technological background will keep EXMceuticals on the front of technologies and innovative ways of doing business. Mrs. Lemieux has led various and large multidisciplinary teams situated around the world with incredible success. She is often asked to do the impossible and strives to recover lost situations for businesses. She is particularly interested in continuous improvement. She always finds solutions. She is an ex-ski racer and represents Canada on many committees at the International Ski Federation.

  • Adilia Januário Charmier

    VP Research and Development

    Adilia Januário Charmier- holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the Université Blaise Pascal (France). She is currently a Professor at Universidade Lusófona (ULHT, Lisbon, Portugal) and director of the Biotechnology department. She is the Director of the research centre DREAMS at the Faculty of Engineering of ULHT. Its main scientific research includes the extraction of medicinal plants and wastes using green technologies and bioprocesses for the production of new biologically active products and their applications in the fields of health, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals and biomaterials. She has been the co-founder of the Portuguese subsidiary EXMceuticals Portugal Lda. Her scientific research activity resulted in 77 national and international scientific publications distributed by peer-reviewed international journals, conferences and 3 patents.

  • Susana Santos

    Director Science & Genetics

    Mrs. Santos majored in Genetics and Microbiology at Lisbon’s Faculty of Sciences. Susana holds a PhD in Molecular Biology (Lisbon’s Faculty of Sciences) as well as a Post-Doc in Molecular Biology (Lisbon´s Faculty of Pharmacy). As a researcher of Lisbon´s Faculty of Pharmacy and Lisbon´s Instituto Superior Técnico, she has coordinated a national project (Cardiogenetics) and participated in more than 10 national projects (Cardiogenetics and Cancer). In 2009 she became Assistant Professor at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias of several subjects related to Genetics, Molecular Biology, Forensics and Biotechnology. She published about 14 scientific papers and 1 book chapter. In 2013, she became a co-founder of the start-up HeartGenetics, Genetics and Biotechnology a company that pioneers a methodology that integrates Genomics and Computational Technologies for innovative knowledge that supports healthcare providers to promote wellness, prevent illness and diagnose diseases. She was Chief of Technology Officer and Director of Quality Management System. She was responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and ISO13485. She developed genetic tests with applications in cardiovascular diseases, pharmacogenetics, cardio-oncology, nutrigenetics, and athletic performance. Susana focuses on biotechnology strategies for therapeutical and wellness purposes and in the evaluation of phytochemicals with potential therapeutic usage.