Focus on being a leading low-cost producer of high-quality cannabis and hemp Ingredients to consumer goods infused products, capsules and oils for the medicinal and wellness industry.


The Portugal refinery hub is designed for purifying the extracts produced by EXMFarming and will serve as the gateway to distribute manufactured materials in Europe and North America.

EXM Team is now actively pushing forward with an initial cannabis importation, as well as the fitting and licensing of the sizable industrial facility that has been leased to the south of Lisbon. Once licensed and constructed, this Portuguese facility will require a substantial amount of raw and processed cannabis material to be available for refining. The first machine is capable of producing 2,500 kg per month. The current wholesale price is over $5,000 per kg.

Our team directs all its efforts at the construction of a refining facility that will comply with the European Union's GMP Standards, formulation, testing and a distribution center.


Our focus on innovation will drive revolution in the cannabis industry for years to come.