EXM Team deployed on the field to build strong partnerships


In the last days, EXM attended major conferences related to our activities.

First, Cannabis Europa London 2019 is a major conference that took place on June 24-25th. It brings together more than 500 speakers from all around the world to discuss issues related to medical cannabis industry. It was a great opportunity to interact with other industry players, to hear inspiring stories related to medical cannabis, share knowledge and to participate at some great talks.

At the same moment, MjMicro, an annual forum in NYC was taking place. It unites publicly traded cannabis companies with high net worth investors. As one of the industry leaders, EXMceuticals was invited to this major event to present its great expertise and experience. Our COO, Mr. Tanek Amin, was giving an interview during this event. He presents how EXMceuticals became one of the very first companies in the world to work in Africa and why we chose this continent specifically.

"As the new President of EXM, I was proud to see our team deployed to major cannabis conferences in London and NYC to discuss with investors, other members of the industry and policymakers " said our chairman Jonathan Summers who was in London with the Portugal R&D team to represent EXMceuticals. “We look forward to build strong partnerships that will enable us in becoming the largest CBD producer at the lowest cost”.