• Lisbon


    EXMceuticals is applying for a license in Portugal for the establishment of a laboratory for research, a nursery and center for processing and distribution. In addition to its more scientific mandate, the facility will be used by EXM as its base for distribution in Europe.

  • Salima


    EXM has acquired in May 2019 MM Ltd, an agro-processing business in the Republic of Malawi.

    MM Ltd has :

    • 280ha (682 acres) of fully drip-irrigated farms
    • A state of the art 4ha (10 acres) greenhouse nursery capable of growing up to 700,000 plants; it is drip irrigated, enclosed and secured to protect plants from natural elements
    • A 10,000 m2 (107,640 ft2) processing facility and a green field site with access to ~1700ha (4,200 acres) of land
    • A long-term lease of an additional ~1700ha (4,200 acres) of land for further farming expansion, 450ha (1,112 acres) of which has been certified as organic

    All farms are located nearby of on the shores of Lake Malawi, a large freshwater resource from which excellent quality irrigation water is available all year round

    The factory is approximately 25km (15.5 miles) from the farms

    • It has passed audits and technical approval to supply a number of global and regional clients
    • Approximately 2,000 m2 (21,528 ft2) of the factory is warehouse space and there is significant room for expansion of cannabis ingredients production and CO2 extraction capabilities
    • There is an office block, medical facilities and canteen on the factory site

    Weather in Salima is exceptionnal for cannabis cultivation. Climate is tropical with rainfall being less in winter than in summer. The average annual rainfall varies between 800 and 1,200mm per annum, with the wettest months being December to March. The temperatures range between a minimum average of 20°C and a maximum average of 35°C, with low humidity of around 60%.

    MM Ltd provides an excellent platform for EXM to further expand its cannabis extracted ingredients production strategy, with the possibility to access to an additional ~120ha (296 acres) of irrigated land

  • Kampala


    EXM has obtained in June 2019, through its local subsidiary Prime Ranchers Limited, formal full authorisations and permits for its operations in Uganda.

    Therefore, EXM will be able to cultivate cannabis on a largescale, extract pharmaceutical, therapeutical and nutraceutical grade cannabinoid ingredients and export the produced ingredients, including CBD.

    License also allows importation of high-quality cannabis seeds developed in Europe in order to provide the seed-stock for the cultivation operations.

    2,000 hectares (4,940 acres) of agricultural land is available.

    • Parcels of which will be put into production sequentially.
    • Initial planting will consist of 100 hectares (247 acres) and the first plant harvest will occur within 4 months.
    • 2,000 sq.m. (21,500 sq. ft.) of lab, extraction and material handling facilities are available.

    Extraction facilities have already been built, commissioned and inspected by relevant Ugandan regulatory authorities.

    All the relevant utilities such as power generation, water and waste management, which are required by the Project, are fully budgeted, funded and planned by the company.

    EXM is committed to having a tangibly positive local impact and close relationships are being built with the Ugandan agriculture education institutions. The Company fully intends to foster local expertise as well as to help create technical jobs locally.

  • Vancouver


    EXMceuticals has a contract with GFR Pharma Inc in Vancouver’s suburb of Coquitlam. GFR Pharma and EXM has established a joint venture company which has filed to obtain a license from Health Canada to import and distribute cannabinoid ingredients, as well as produce white label retail products containing cannabinoid ingredients, through GFR Pharma facilities. GFR Pharma is a pre-eminent full-service contract manufacturer, packager and formulation expert of superior quality tablet, capsule, powder, and liquid natural health products for the Canada and the U.S.

  • Kuba Kingdom

    Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

    EXMceuticals, through a subsidiary, holds a license in the Kuba Kingdom, Democratic Republic of Congo, for the cultivation of cannabis and hemp, and processing and export of high-grade pharmaceutical cannabinoid ingredients. For its Kuba plantation, EXM has 10,000 acres of organic farmland and expansion rights representing in excess of 100,000 continuous acres.

    EXM currently has 10,000 cannabis plants growing on its Kuba plantation and had its first harvest at the end of 2017. Harvested products are, at this stage, dried and stored for subsequent extraction of target ingredients.

    EXM is in the final phase of obtaining licenses in other regions of the African continent, including two Agro-Industrial Parks, each of 10,000-plus acres encompassing a free trade zone.

    KUBA Plantation & Processing

    Status of Development of Production in DRC

    January 2017

    EXMceuticals obtained a license for growing psychotropic and non-psychotropic cannabis on more then 10,000 acres in DRC. Written into the contract is the potential for practically unlimited expansion of farm land.

    February/March 2017

    EXMceuticals, using locally-hired employees, cleared the land in preparation of the first cannabis crop to be planted on its DRC plantation.


    December 2017

    The Kuba plantation had its first harvest. The cannabis is dried and stored for subsequent extraction of target ingredients.

    April 2018

    Specification for design and equipment acquisition is complete and the equipment ordered. The initial equipment purchase allows EXMceuticals to process in-excess-of 10,000 kg of raw cannabis per month.

    May 2018

    Hiring and training of local security crew, management and operation supervisors.


    June 2018

    Construction started on nurseries, laboratories and other ancillary facilities at the KUBA Plantation.

    July 2018

    More than 40,000 cannabis plants are in the ground and more then 10,000 plants have been harvested.

    August 2018

    Increased our labour force to clear an additional 50 acres of farm land. There will be subsequent regular increases to meet market demands.