EXM is orientated towards continuous innovation using cutting-edge technologies in its R&D, production, services and product development activities. We focus on adapting to the specific needs of each client.

EXM's team comprises highly qualified professionals in the scientific and management fields covering all the areas the cannabis industry demands - organic and analytical chemistry, biology, biochemistry, genetics, compliance, IP, partnerships, law and regulatory issues. Our team can support our clients in every direction cannabis will bring us.

EXMceuticals Portugal Laboratory Services

Our testing services include:

  • Cannabinoids profile and potency
  • Quantification of cannabinoids and terpenes

Technology and Instruments used:

  • High-Performance Liquid chromatography, HPLC, as this technology emerged as the gold standard for cannabinoids profile and potency with high accuracy.
  • Gas chromatography – Mass Spectrometry, GC-MS, to profile and quantify terpenes as most of these molecules are volatile, having boiling point between 119 – 200 ºC and therefore easily converted to the gas phase.

We provide R&D genetic studies:

If your lab or facility needs abilities beyond the standard quality control lab, EXMceuticals can provide support on developing genetic assays related to demonstrating genetic stability of a strain or for developing genetic markers related to the profiling of a strain.

Technology and Instruments

  • EXM makes use of the Real-Time PCR analysis and / or genotyping.

Real-time polymerase chain reaction (real-time PCR), also known as quantitative PCR, can be used to determine relative gene expression or to quantify exact levels of mRNA in vegetative tissues.

Planned EXMceuticals Industrial Scale Facility

Our industrial-scale facility will provide extraction, refining and purification services to local growers and EU GMP certified clients using state of the art technologies and instruments.