EXMceuticals Quality Assurance program respects Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and traceability rules, as well as security and record-keeping rules established by international standards and/or by countries where our products are destined to. The company Quality Assurance program is designed to ensure that EXMceuticals demonstrates and guarantees the security of its processes, their reproducibility and the quality of its products to its clients and regulatory bodies, at all times.

From planting to transformation, our production is framed by strict controls and procedures. EXMceuticals management is committed to respecting the rules established in its Quality Manual. An exhaustive employee training program, for employees at every level, further ensures compliance with our established standards.


The pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid ingredients produced by EXMceuticals are also subject to strict internal and external quality control procedures, including the controls of physico chemical, active ingredient contents and pH. In particular, organoleptic for color, viscosity, and other sensory properties; and bacteriological to confirm absence of pathogens, total flora, spores, molds and pesticides.