Natural, open-air growing

Our proximity to the African equator makes for perfect cannabis growing conditions: 12-hour days, ideal temperatures, an abundance of rainwater and fertile soil.

Expert knowledge

The EXM team is composed of agricultural experts and people who have deep experience in project implementation in Africa and other developing countries.

Low ecological footprint

EXMceuticals specializes in the sustainable cultivation of cannabis and its operations are designed to ensure acres of pristine fields with maximum yields and uninterrupted expansion.

We harness the power of the sun and collect rainwater and use natural wells for irrigation.

Studies show large-scale outdoor growth is up to 350 times more ecologically efficient compared to energy-intensive indoor warehouse facilities.

Powered by locals

Relationships have been established to foster collaboration between international and local agriculture education institutions in each of the countries where we have plantations. EXMceuticals programs ensure the development of local expertise and the creation of technical skills in-country as well as provide opportunities around the world for local graduates.