In each country EXMceuticals has licences in, we are committed to developing strong partnerships and a long-lasting impact in the community. That means we will leverage the local market. EXMceuticals will buy local; we will hire local, and create training opportunities.

In each African partner country, hundreds of jobs are being created. These jobs can largely be filled by low-skilled labour and offer women, who suffer from a high unemployment rate, long-term fair pay employment opportunities. We utilize local labour at each stage of our operations, from the initial land preparation to cultivation, equipment maintenance, facilities upkeep, harvesting of the fields, and in the construction of an extraction facility and processing of the plants.

For every African country, EXMceuticals has licences in, we have created a non-profit Community Development Fund which receives 2% of the gross revenues from the local production facilities. The fund will allocate money to projects determined in partnership with the local government; to better-living conditions through a range of significant projects. which might include clean drinking water and access to higher education opportunities. Clean drinking water and education opportunities are at the top of the list.

EXMceuticals operates to high standards and promotes continuous improvement in all its operations. Our approach to responsibility is built on the pillars of Safety, Social and Environment:


We operate our plantation in compliance with all international safety standards.


We operate each farm with integrity, respect of the local culture and promote the fostering of a culture of honesty and accountability. EXMceuticals is an active and contributing member of the communities in which it operates. In all our endeavours, we promote respect for human rights, culture, diversity and dignity of all.


Our methods ensure acres of pristine fields with maximum yields and a capacity for uninterrupted expansion.